Sunday, May 3, 2009

5/3/2009 - Lots of rain

We got a lot of rain this week. I know that I need to weed the garden, but like I said it rained all week. I will get after it this week, if the weather holds up.
I can't lie to you I cant remember if this is the peas or the green beans, but I wanted to show that they sprouted.
Here is my watermelon and the elephant ear to the right. I thought the elephant ear was in trouble because watermelons will vine all over the place. After seeing my mom's elephant ears and the size of the stem I want to change my mind the watermelon may be in serious trouble.

Here is my corn with a little bit of grass. LOL

Yellow Squash, I thought they grew up not out.

Here is what I am most impressed with. This tomato plant has grown about 13 inches this week. They are also budding.

Again I cant remember if this is they peas or the green beans, but they sprouted.

Here is the Cantaloupe, not a lot of growth this week.

Jalapenos are growing and some have a lot of white flowers.

Here is the 2 rows of tomatoes and jalapenos with some grass and weeds. To be fair I pulled a 3 gallon bucket of weeds last Sunday. Pulling weeds is going to keep me busy.

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  1. The top one is peas, and the other is green beans if you really want to know. Rachel planted the back portion with black eyed peas.