Sunday, May 10, 2009

5/10/2009 - Garden pics

I had to add this one. Rachel filled up her water bucket about 6 times and watered the same 5 pots. All I know is they are not thirsty today. LOL
Here is a look at the garden to date. The weeds, my gosh, the weeds. See the pile I pulled and I still have a long way to go. This week brought a couple of days over 100 degrees and yesterday and today it was in the 60's. I think the hot weather really helped the cantaloupe and the squash.

Corn progressing good!

The yellow squash has really done well this week. I think he has made the biggest progress this week.

Cantaloupe has done the second best.

The tomato plant made it over the cage.

The jalapenos are growing and blooming. I have a couple of tiny jalapenos. Its exciting.

Green beans getting big. Just about time to put up the string/

Survival of the fittest at work here.

I have finally grown a tomato from a seed and here it is. There are two of them. I am going to pull the weakest in a couple of weeks. I am excited about this!!!

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