Monday, May 25, 2009

5/24/2009 - garden pictures

Here is my yellow squash. It is getting very big. It rained all day Saturday, and rain is in the forecast this week. I have 2 small yellow squash growing!

Jalapenos - I had to pick three already

Wait a minuet, all this time I thought this was a cantaloupe; I just found out it is Yellow Squash. I thought it looked familiar.

look at the corn.

Here is some tomatoes. I have tomatoes on just about every plant.

Here is my little one that I grew from a seed. It grew very good this week and got his cage today.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

5/17/2009 - garden Pics

This week was pretty mild. We got a good rain twice this week. I counted and I have 14 green tomatoes and 17 small jalapenos.

This is not a jungle picture, but I might have to start saying that if I don't weed this pretty soon.

Here is my Caladiums and Elephant ear

The upside down tomato has started growing now that it is trying to grow up. Still the best way to grow tomatoes is in the ground.

Here is my tomatoes that I stated from a seed. They are growing compared to the last photo. They have been in for a full week now.

The corn has the thing in the middle. It is still not real tall, but I don't care as long as I get corn.

Here is the Jalapenos


Squash again might have made the biggest growth. I can see the beginning stages of blooms on the inside.

My Tomato plants are growing big. Most are taller than the cages down.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

5/10/2009 - Garden pics

I had to add this one. Rachel filled up her water bucket about 6 times and watered the same 5 pots. All I know is they are not thirsty today. LOL
Here is a look at the garden to date. The weeds, my gosh, the weeds. See the pile I pulled and I still have a long way to go. This week brought a couple of days over 100 degrees and yesterday and today it was in the 60's. I think the hot weather really helped the cantaloupe and the squash.

Corn progressing good!

The yellow squash has really done well this week. I think he has made the biggest progress this week.

Cantaloupe has done the second best.

The tomato plant made it over the cage.

The jalapenos are growing and blooming. I have a couple of tiny jalapenos. Its exciting.

Green beans getting big. Just about time to put up the string/

Survival of the fittest at work here.

I have finally grown a tomato from a seed and here it is. There are two of them. I am going to pull the weakest in a couple of weeks. I am excited about this!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

5/3/2009 - Lots of rain

We got a lot of rain this week. I know that I need to weed the garden, but like I said it rained all week. I will get after it this week, if the weather holds up.
I can't lie to you I cant remember if this is the peas or the green beans, but I wanted to show that they sprouted.
Here is my watermelon and the elephant ear to the right. I thought the elephant ear was in trouble because watermelons will vine all over the place. After seeing my mom's elephant ears and the size of the stem I want to change my mind the watermelon may be in serious trouble.

Here is my corn with a little bit of grass. LOL

Yellow Squash, I thought they grew up not out.

Here is what I am most impressed with. This tomato plant has grown about 13 inches this week. They are also budding.

Again I cant remember if this is they peas or the green beans, but they sprouted.

Here is the Cantaloupe, not a lot of growth this week.

Jalapenos are growing and some have a lot of white flowers.

Here is the 2 rows of tomatoes and jalapenos with some grass and weeds. To be fair I pulled a 3 gallon bucket of weeds last Sunday. Pulling weeds is going to keep me busy.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

4/26 - Garden

I think the garden has really taken off this week. We had three days with temperature over 90. I replanted seeds in the middle where the sprinkler is at. From the sprinkler to the end I put black eyed peas. From the sprinkler back to me I planted Alaskan Peas and Green beans.
Here is the watermelon he seems to be going great.

Mr. Cantaloupe finally shows himself.

I know you can't see it, but the jalapeno plants are budding and I think the past couple of days they have really grown.

Here are the tomatoes. This one is up to my knee and they are budding. I think the cherry tomatoes might survive.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

4/19 - upside down tomato

Here is the upside down tomato. I am surprised it hasn't died yet. I don't see the same growth as I do planting them in the ground. It could be because they don't get as much sunlight, but i don't think so.
It is still very stiff and fighting to turn itself upright.

4/19 - garden update

I thinned out the corn and they seem to be doing the best. We have two rows.

Here is the jalapeno plants. I think they are going to be great except for one. One is wilted pretty bad, but we will see.

Here is the tomato plants. I took a picture of the best one. My garden area is on a small slope. So all the water pools down at this one. I thought it would be to much water, but it is doing great.

Here is the watermelons. They finally poked their heads out of the ground and they are doing great.

Here are the carrots. I am going to plant them in the ground soon. I am excited about these.