Monday, March 23, 2009

Finished planting maybe

Rachel and I finished planting. I decided to build a large long mound in the middle with trenches to both sides for watering purposes. In the mound I planted an entire row of black eyed peas. And to the right I also dug a trench between 2 rows of corn. I thought once the corn grows it will be hard to water with a sprinkler so I will turn the water on and soak the area at least once a week. At the end of the trench there is a mound for my yellow squash plant. Finally I have a cucumber plant at the end by the fence. That's not too bad, but my wife thinks I went overboard because.....

I am also growing carrot seedlings in this pot and they sprouted. Have you ever seen a carrot seed?

Then I thought I am going to try to grow blueberries. Before you say anything I researched this and bought the correct type of plant for my zone here in Texas. I also tested the soil with a soil test kit and I am changing the soil type to suit the bush. They are growing. Yes I have more than one I bought 3, because for best results I need to have different types. And Texas is known as the land of berries. We will find out.

Then I came across a grapevine. I planted it last month with the blueberries. I see leaves.

As I was thumbing through my Gardening Magazine, (yeah that's right a Gardening Magazine). I saw an ad for hanging tomato plants. I know I planted 9 in the ground, but I have to see this for myself. I found this in Walgreen's for $10. I had to get it and try it, so I have 3 hanging upside down. It looks kind of funny because after 1 day it has started to grow it self back up. I also have Watermelons, Cantaloupe, and Okra, not pictured, planted. My wife does not know about them until now. The question is will she start to look for them.

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