Sunday, March 22, 2009

The beginning

Last year when i tried this it didn't go so well. Last year I just scratched the soil with a hoe in random spots in the back yard. This year I decided to go all out. I tilled a 16X16 area in the back yard. Rachel played in the sandbox.

Rachel helped me spread fertilizer on the dirt. As I said I went all out and tested the soil. After talking with some "Old-Timers" around here the best fertilizer is rabbit droppings. I had one of my athletes sack up 100 pounds of it and we spread it around and I re-tilled.Rachel helped me sort the plants. Rachel and I decided the where to put the 9 tomato plants and 5 jalapeno plants.
I needed a break, so Rachel finished the hole for me.

After the first day we planted all the tomatoes, jalapenos, and two rows of corn (on the far right side). This left me with a lot of room. The question is what to plant next?


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  2. I love this blog, thanks for doing it!